Motto of Polestar Academy

  • Swachha mann, Swachha Pariyabaran
  • Jal Bachao.
  • To fight against gender discrimination.
  • To protect and preserve flora and fauna of the region concerned.

Pole-Star Academy organised a poster rally followed by a candle rally in the evening of 2nd October,2016 on regard of completion of 2 years of Swacha Bharat Mission. It was a street program in the small terminus town of Sonari. The students delivered some speeches expressing their views and ‘says’ on that mission.

“I Anuran Mahanta, of class VIII of Polestar Academy, Sonari, Wish you a peaceful good afternoon on behalf of all the students, teachers and staff of our school.

As all of us know that ‘Swachha Bharat Abhiyan’ has completed 2 years. This abhiyan or Clean India Mission is a politics free campaign. It was officially launched on 2nd October,2014 at Raj Ghat, New Delhi by the present Prime Minister, Narendra Damodar Das Modi.

Today 2nd October 2016 is the 147th birth anniversary of Mohan Das Karamchand Gandhi, the Father of the Nation. He mentioned that swachhata is more important than independence.

We are the citizens of independent India but is it that India dreamt of by Bapujii, the then other leaders of independent movement and of those freedom fighters who sacrificed their lives for us?

It is very surprising and sad that we even after 70 years of independence have not been able to exercise patience in ourselves which is one of the main criteria to become a citizen of an independent country. An impatient mind can never beget healthy ideas, think rationally, raise voice against social evils, superstitions, gender discrimination and can protect and preserve environment and biosphere respectively.

Swachhata does not mean to clean our houses, institutions and offices, both government or private or semi-private, towns, its streets etc. It does not mean also elimination of open defecation, converting insanitary toilets into pour flush toilets, complete disposal of solid and liquid wastes only. We have felt that by imposing swachhata, it can never be attained. It is a mindset, a culture, awareness and a fight of the people which is to be fought at every nuke and corner of the country from a terminal village to a mega city. It is fight to be fought by every one of us with our ownself. When we look around the society we live in, the country we live in, we observe the fire of intolerance, burning in every field destroying all soft and smooth human relations,relation with nature, social relation and what not. Is it swachhata, is it? Is it not our disregard to our independence? So, we strongly protest those vindictive purposeful conspicuous efforts trying to put in our mind ideas of such destructive decaying culture to liquidate swachhata. Let us altogether raise our voice against such aswachhata and take on the fight to inculcate idea of real swachhata in our mind.

So, our motto is ‘Swachha Mann Swachha Pariyabaran’. Jai Hind!

  • Anuran Mahanta, Class VIII

Our activities during the session 2017-2018


Earth Day, 22nd April 2017

‘Do not kill the world, our means of life.

Do not destroy the peacy crown.

All of us should be kind to people and the planet.

Everyone of us should do nice things for others, plant trees of flowers to help the environment.

It is our duty, responsibility to take care of our mother planet. Do not take it as a day of yearly celebration only- it is an oath, it is our breath, it is our everyday challenge against the destructive activities of our fellow homo sapiens.’

– Polestarians.