12th January Observance Swami Vivekananda’s birthday on 12th January by the Students of Polestar Academy:


Swami Vivekananda’s teaching motivate me to live my life in a better way. Through his teaching I got to learn many new things.

I learnt to be myself in all aspects of life,not imitate others.In this way I can learn about my strengths and weaknesses and strengthen those. I try to have faith in myself. I also learnt that nothing is impossible. Every challenge has an opportunity hidden in it. So if I can direct my mind correctly i will always be victorious. I must try to aim beyond my capabilities. Then only I can improve myself. His teaching motive me to be truthful. I try not to lie and be honest even if it seems difficult. If I can help others then I must try to help them but if I cannot then I should let them go their own way. Helping others will increase my self confidence. I can also make new friends and strengthen existing relationships. I must also try to devote my whole heart and mind in whatever i do and pay full concentration on my work, also let every part of my body be full of my idea and leave all the other things alone. I have also learnt to look at the positive side of everything that occurs with me. It is our thoughts which make our perception different. Positive thinking also helps reduce stress and allow us to think properly. I also learnt that God is present in every individual. not in temples. The unselfish people will definitely be in God. Unselfishness is God. I also try to have a good motive, sincerity and infinite love for others.

From this moment onwards, i shall blame no one and direct my whole heart and mind to achieve my goals. I shall not stop until my goals are achieved.


  • It is the day of being hung of Surya Sen ( our Mater Da), who was a terror for the British.


The film ‘ Khele Ham Jee Jan Se’ was made on him by Ashutosh gwalikar. Master Da was born at Noapara, under Roazan Upazila in Chittagong on 22nd March 1894. He was hung for Chittagong Armoury Raid in Chittagong of Bengal in British India (now in Bangladesh) on 12th January 1934. He was a school teacher by profession.

We the Polestar, salute you Master Da. Jai Hind!”


   – Ayusha Nandy

     Class:– IX